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Chin V-Line Therapy | Face Massager | Facial Lifting Device

Chin V-Line Therapy | Face Massager | Facial Lifting Device

Chin V-Line Therapy | Face Massager | Facial Lifting Device

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Perfectly shape the V-shaped face: This electric v-face shaping massager uses vibration massage, photorejuvenation, and other massage methods to effectively lift and tighten the skin, soothe facial muscles, improve the strength of fine muscles, increase facial elasticity, and tighten facial muscles. And shape a V-shaped face.

High-frequency vibration massage: This intelligent face-lifting instrument uses double high-frequency micro-vibration to lift, alternating red and blue to rejuvenate the skin. Promote muscle movement and blood circulation, and enhance fat metabolism, make the skin glow and effectively improve the nasolabial fold, facial lines, and double chin.

Triple light source layer: The electric facial massager has a triple light source layer permeable, 58 energy phototherapy, revitalizes and activates the bottom of the skin, improves the vitality of skin cells, and improves skin problems.

Adjustable: The electric v face machine adopts a 180° rounded design to closely match the chin curve and symmetrically wind it, making it more effective for tightening and lifting, making it perfectly fit your face contour. The belt can be adjusted as needed and is easy to use.




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Just a quick line to say that the products I bought are great and haven’t caused any bad reaction. My daughter says it makes my skin look smoother and less tired! I have only been using it just over a week or so – wonderful results. Have a great weekend!


This is absolutely my favorite lotion! I have painfully sensitive skin and this is the first scented lotion I’ve used that does not give me hives! The scent is light and just a little sweet. Will be ordering this over and over!


Amazing as always. I have been using Conscious Skincare for over a year now (my mom as well!) and all of the products are incredibly good to my skin. Highly recommended!


Hi I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my products, they are absolutely lovely and feel beautiful on my skin.
Thank you


I want to give a big shout out to Ava Beauty Line. You guys have been awesome in answering my questions the lash lift kit I bought is amazing thank you so much!


Thank you guys for the sugar scrub it works great! I am looking forward to trying the next product that you guys launch.


I am happy I was able to support a small business. Your prices are very reasonable some sites overcharge for similar products I am happy to see that you don't. I will definitely return in the future when I need something for that reason.


Honestly i wasn't sure at first about making a purchase from the site only because I had never bought anything from you guys. But i was pleasantly surprised at how quick my questions got answered and my package came relatively fast. I wanted to give you guys a shout out! 😁


I am always searching the web looking at skincare products when I am bored. I have naturally dry skin especially my face in the winter time. I tried the Breyelee face cream and i am in love with it! I cant wait to come back hopefully the site might have more products to choose from when I do. Thank You.

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